The 7 best Eventbrite alternatives to boost your online ticket sales

Eventbrite is a major player in the ticketing world, no doubt. But it is often the most expensive ticketing platform when compared to alternatives, and isn’t necessarily the best choice for your business. The truth is, there are tons of amazing Eventbrite alternatives out there – many of which offer just as good an experience at a way cheaper price. And, on the other end of the scale, there are also a lot of highly-specialized event management platforms that, while being more expensive, offer an experience that goes way beyond the scope of Eventbrite.

By shopping around for an Eventbrite alternative, you could:

  • Increase your profits by choosing a more cost-effective solution
  • Discover ticketing platform features that cater to the specific needs of your events business
  • Land your events in front of a more appropriate audience
  • Boost your business with a more targeted events management solution that helps you streamline operations and optimize your marketing efforts
  • Find a platform that aligns more closely with your own ethics and values 

event organizers comparing eventbrite alternatives

What are the 7 best Eventbrite alternatives in 2022?

We’ve taken a scout around, and we think these alternatives to Eventbrite are well worth a try in 2022. Read on to find out about these great ticketing and event management platforms:

  1. Ticket Tailor
  2. Zoom Events
  3. TicketBud
  4. Eventbee
  5. EventZilla
  6. Cvent
  7. Meetup

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is the leading, independent ticketing platform, and is known for its amazing customer service and commendable ethics. You only have to take a quick scan of their blog to see that they genuinely believe in doing business responsibly (they’ve recently become a certified B Corp and donate to climate causes for every ticket sold). 

If you’re looking for an ethical, independent, great value platform with all-singing-and-dancing event registration technology – Ticket Tailor is a brilliant option for you.

Why choose Ticket Tailor as an alternative to Eventbrite? 

  • Usually less than half the price of Eventbrite
  • Only charges a small, fixed fee per ticket – unlike Eventbrite which charges a percentage of each ticket sale and a fixed fee on top
  • Definitely one of, if not the, cheapest ticketing platform out there
  • You own all the customer data and they don’t send marketing emails to your ticket buyers
  • Free for for free events and offers discounts to charities, B-corps and PTAs
  • Absolutely stellar customer service with super-fast response times – you always get to chat to a human! 
  • Offers a full suite of ticketing technology, including seating charts, unlimited ticket types, customisable templates, Apple Pay and Google Pay, and so much more
  • Get direct, instant payments for every ticket sale via Stripe or PayPal

Pricing: Free for free events. Paid events are as low as £0.20/$0.26 per ticket if you buy credits in advance or £0.50/$0.65 per ticket if you pay as you go.

Ticket Tailor even helped you out by creating a short video that explains why they think they are the best Eventbrite alternative:

Zoom Events

Zoom Events can be a great Eventbrite alternative for those who run regular virtual events and are fans of the Zoom platform. With a Zoom Events licence, you can take advantage of Zoom’s full suite of event management tools, including streamlined ticketing and insightful analytics. 

Why choose Zoom Events as an alternative to Eventbrite? 

  • Lets you build your own branded event hubs (public and/or private)
  • Host paid virtual events with customizable registration and built-in ticketing options
  • Create tickets for specific tracks or audiences
  • Schedule single-session, multi-session, or concurrent session events, as well as single day or multi day events
  • Post recordings after the event
  • Track key event data and use Zoom Events’ analytics to improve event performance

Pricing: Licences start at £712/year for up to 500 attendees. 


Ticketbud offers a really easy-to-use platform for selling tickets online, with lots of great features that easily rival Eventbrite’s. It’s a good alternative to Eventbrite for those who want to enjoy all-inclusive pricing – with Ticketbud, you get access to all features for one flat rate.

Why choose Ticketbud as an alternative to Eventbrite? 

  • Enjoy flat rate pricing – enterprises pay the same as small businesses
  • Get paid daily 
  • Enjoy comprehensive reporting features that help you understand your audience better
  • Access lots of great tools and features that help you promote your event

Pricing: 2% ticketing fee + $0.99 per ticket service charge.


This alternative to Eventbrite is also another great example of how flat-fee ticketing can help you make your events more profitable. While Eventbee is quite a lot more expensive than number one on our list (Ticket Tailor), its flat-fee pricing still makes it a good option for those who are sick of hefty percentage fees. 

Why choose Eventbee as an alternative to Eventbrite?

  • Easy integration with social media tools for faster, more seamless social media promotion
  • Lets you create customisable, on-brand events pages
  • Easy-to-use one-time and recurring events features
  • Get immediate access to funds with PayPal, Stripe, Braintree or

Pricing: Starts at $1 per ticket on the basic plan.


EventZilla is another great Eventbrite alternative, offering an impressive range of tools and features to help you organise, promote, and optimise your events. It’s designed for both virtual and in-person events, with a really robust hybrid event offering. 

Why choose EventZilla as an alternative to Eventbrite?

  • Access a huge range of virtual event, live-streaming, and hybrid event tools and features
  • Easily work with sponsors for virtual events, with features that let them showcase their brand and content, including digital booths where sponsors can engage attendees
  • Accept payments through the app and scan tickets at in-person events 
  • Create your own event website, customised with your branding

Pricing: Free for free events. Paid events start at $1.25 per registration.


Enjoy a full range of event management tools with Cvent – a more expensive, but much more robust alternative to Eventbrite. For those who run large-scale events that require meticulous planning and organisation, Cvent’s all-in-one suite of tools and ticketing software could be well worth the investment. 

Why choose Cvent as an alternative to Eventbrite?

  • Get assistance with venue booking – from individual hotel rooms to itinerary planning
  • Track the number of attendees for each session at larger events
  • Give event speakers a place to display a unique profile
  • Discover over 290,000 venues on the Cvent Supplier Network 

Pricing: Not displayed on the website.


Meetup has a social-network-y vibe – it’s a platform that people can visit to browse to find things to do in their area with the aim of meeting new people, whether that’s to grow a business or just to make friends. Using Meetup to list your events can be a good way to put them in front of a much more localised audience, and you can charge for tickets or membership dues just like with any other ticketing platform.

Why choose Meetup as an alternative to Eventbrite?

  • Has a more niche, specialised offering that caters to those interested in their local scene
  • Lets you create groups, challenges, and other experiences that appeal to people in your area
  • Makes it easy for customers to browse categories and find events that appeal to their interests

Pricing: Starts at $16.49 per month (if you buy 6 months in a block).

So which Eventbrite alternative are you going to use to sell your tickets online?

If you’re new to event planning, it can be easy to jump to the obvious ticketing choice without giving it much thought. But just because Eventbrite is one name you have heard of, it doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of other amazing ticketing solutions out there that are way better suited to your goals. Which ultimately means they’re better for business. Can’t argue with that.