Best ticketing platforms for selling tickets online

Not all ticket-selling sites are created equal – fact. While some may promise a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, it’s unlikely (read: impossible) that you’ll find a ticketing platform that fills every niche out there. In a nutshell: when it comes to selling tickets, it’s wise to do your research to find the best ticketing platform before diving head first into using just any old site.

best ticketing platforms

With that in mind, here are five of our favourites according to varying ticket-selling needs to help you find the best ticket platforms for selling tickets online:

Ticket site for selling headline festivals and concerts: Ticketmaster

Founded way back in 1976, Ticketmaster is one of the longest standing ticketing sites around, and one of the largest to operate today. It’s a great go-to for those epic music events and festivals, and has a handy ‘Festival Finder’ tool that lets buyers browse what’s coming up. Plus, it gets hundreds of millions of annual visitors to its site, making a hard-to-beat ticket partner for those running large-scale festivals. Its appealing selling packages include:

  • Marketing and customer insight

  • Exclusive travel partnerships

  • Pre-registration for tickets

  • Presale for previous customers

  • Merchandise upsells

  • Bespoke white label solutions

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Ticket site for reselling tickets you no longer want: Viagogo

You may need to resell some pricey concert tickets because something’s come up that means you can’t go. Or you find yourself in possession of one too many festival tickets because of miscommunications with a group of friends – either way, we’d recommend heading to Viagogo, the leading ticket exchange company, to sell your tickets on.

Reselling tickets on Viagogo is really easy, and as its one of the largest ticket resale platforms out there it’s well-equipped to facilitate quick, simple ticket reselling to a huge audience. Some of its plus points include:

  • It’s quick and easy to create an account – you can log in with Facebook if you’d prefer

  • The process of listing an event is easy – you can simply search for the event your selling for, or find it in the extensive list of categories

  • You set the price of your ticket as you deem fit

  • The platform has a secure guarantee program that means buyers get 100% of their money back if they don’t, for whatever reason, get their tickets in time – so you don’t need to worry about customers not trusting your sale.

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Ticket site for easy event registration and online selling: Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is the world’s largest independent ticketing platform, and praised for its ease-of-use and great customer service. Cheaper than other mainstream platforms like Eventbrite, and with better reviews on TrustPilot and Capterra too, it’s a solid choice for all kinds of event registration. Plus points include:

  • No percentage fees on ticket sales – you’ll just be charged a simple flat fee, which works out cheaper than most leading platforms

  • Really easy event set-up – create a dedicated event landing page or embed this into your own website

  • Personalise your events page to keep it line with your own branding

  • Get paid immediately with every ticket sale you make

  • Easily sell tickets online, and scan them using the Ticket Tailor app for fast, efficient entry

  • Integrate with MailChimp and social media platforms

  • Design seating charts and sell for reserved seating events

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Ticket site for promoters: Ticketlight

Customisation is the name of the game with the highly regarded Ticketlight. The platform offers tools that let you customise your event page and the actual tickets to your event, plus your ticket shop and confirmation emails. This makes it a great choice for promoters who are always looking for ways of increasing brand awareness around various events. Pricing works on a sliding scale, depending on the price of your tickets, and you can decide who absorbs that costs – you or your customers. Plus points include:

  • Handy tools for marketing, integration and ticket scanning

  • Fully customisable event creation

  • Real-time reporting capabilities

  • A customisable seating map editor makes it easy to offer a seating map view to your customers

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Ticket site for large-scale comedy and lifestyle events: Seetickets

Seetickets has been around since 2004 and is perhaps most known for being the platform Glastonbury fans flock to get their tickets from. But it’s also a great, well-established platform for buying and selling large-scale comedy gig tickets, as well as tickets for other lifestyle-type events. There’s an air of exclusivity about the platform – in that they don’t just work with anyone. This can be good for making your event stand out as reputable and trustworthy. Plus points include:

  • A genuinely reputable company

  • Clean, easy-to-use website, making it appealing to customers

  • Known for selling large-scale comedy gig tickets as well as a wide range of other event types – website gets a huge amount of traffic

  • Offers both self-managed ticket selling for smaller events, and bespoke managed ticket-selling for bigger operations like tours and large-scale festivals

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With so many other facets to consider when finding the best ticketing platform for selling tickets online, it can be easy to overlook the importance of how you’re actually going to sell tickets. But with platforms now offering huge levels of promotional and customer support, as well as tons of cool technical features, it really does pay to choose one that’s right for you.

As always a great next step is visiting to compare ticketing fees.