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Top 8 Eventbrite alternatives


A few notes on the price comparisons:

  • All prices are estimates based on The Event Broker's interpretation of the pricing pages displayed on the relevant companies sites
  • Currencies may fluctuate and differ from the calculations above
  • The Event Broker takes no responsibility for incorrect prices and all users should review the individual companies sites to confirm terms
  • The fees are based on the pricing category that provides a basic level of features, for most this is the cheapest pricing level. Some offer very limited functionality at lower fees.
  • The fees listed do not include charity discounts which some companies offer. E.g. Ticket Tailor offer a 20% discount.
  • The fees do not include introductory offers to new customers E.g. first 5 tickets are free
  • Most ticket companies allow you to list free events for free, although not all.
  • Some ticket companies offer additional savings for monthly or annual packages.
  • Other payment providers will have differing fees and fees may differ depending on where the payments are taken.
  • Pros and cons are summarised from 3rd party review sites, and are opinions and not facts

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